• Best OS for gaming

    Gaming is all about High-Quality display, vibrant colors, clear volumes, and speed. Variety is one of the biggest strengths of PC gaming. Apart from the numerous types of different hardware components, users also have the opportunity to choose which operating system suits them best. Today, there are three main choices: Windows, Linux, and macOS. However, these all cater to different audiences and have their own respective advantages and disadvantages.

    1.Windows: There is no doubt that the major part of the gaming world solely belongs to Microsoft Windows. Being the most famous OS in today's world, mostly PC games are referred to as ‘Windows Games’. It’s   fun to play android game  in windows pc because of its widescreen and sound effects. Microsoft Windows is the most widespread and popular operating system. When Microsoft first released Windows 3.0 in 1990, it was considered revolutionary because of how it simplified the user interface and brought computers closer to the mainstream public

    Today, we have the most advanced and most reliable version of Windows yet: Windows 10. This latest version of Windows also marks a big change in Microsoft’s approach to their flagship OS – rather than releasing a brand-new Windows version every few years, the company has decided to build and improve upon Windows 10 with numerous free updates. It is equipped with the latest DirectX software. It makes it stand alone among all other popular operating systems. This feature makes it best among all the Gaming Operating Systems.

    2.Linux: Long gone are the times when gaming on Linux was next to impossible. In fact, gaming on Linux has grown quite stable in recent years. If the user wants to play games in Linux OS, they just need an app called Play on Linux. You can use Play on Linux to install other windows based .exe programs to your Linux computer. Linux is unusual in that it doesn’t denote a single operating system but rather a wide array of different operating systems all of which are based on the open-source Linux kernel. It was created in 1991 by Linus Torvalds with the idea of offering people a free and flexible OS. 


    Best OS for gaming


    Ultimately, however, Linux is aimed more towards professional users and enthusiasts due to its powerful features, flexibility, and lower hardware requirements as compared to Windows. Playing games under Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a fun way to pass the time. Game availability depends on the variant of  Red Hat Enterprise Linux installed by the user.  That said, the interface could seldom be called “user-friendly” and Linux-compatible software is not exactly in high supply.

     3.Mac OS: The Mac is most well known for being virus-free and great for stretching your creative talents. It’s not usually known for its gaming. Due to most games being developed for the PC market games aren’t generally developed with the Mac in mind. This means that they are ported over from original PC copies. This leads to the game just having the essentials changed so it will work on Mac and ending up not being optimized to work at its best. While its roots go all the way back to 1984, macOS, as we know it today, was only released in 2001. It is second only to Windows in terms of popularity, and it differs mainly in that it is only found on Apple’s own iMac and MacBook computers.

    An obvious downside to macOS is relevant to its primary advantage – the hardware. In terms of raw power, most Apple computers are sorely lacking, relying on the software for high performance instead. To put this into context, in the whole of 2017 there were over 7,000 PC games uploaded to the Steam platform.



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